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The Two Most Powerful Words...

Ever since any of us kids can remember, every Christmas, in our stockings was a box of 12 Thank You cards. Every year we were minded to give thanks and write notes to everyone who gave us gifts. We always wished we had to write more "Thank You" cards.

It wasn’t until I was in sales years later, that our ‘habit’ of writing Thank You notes became a big deal. I was selling for the Vancouver Canucks for the NHL and after a great introduction meeting with my now good friend Mike Wilson, I sent him a Thank You card that I bought at the Dollar Store, saying how much I appreciated talking hockey and that if he ever wanted to come to a game, he could use my tickets.

Three days later Mike called, to thank me for the Thank You card and to let me know he'd love to come to a game. Those dreaded Christmas Thank You cards were paying off, not only in my commission check, but in my heart. I told Mike that I felt just as good writing that card as he did reading it.

During the game, I dropped by his seats to check in, and he said, “Greg, I want to buy two club seats for the season, partially because of the Thank You card you sent after our meeting. I can’t wait to see what I get for the two seats." Later in the third period, Mike got Thank You'd with two cold beers.

I don’t remember how much the seats cost Mike, or what my commission was, but I still remember the many good times at games, comedy shows and lunches since then. One Thank You card turned into a friendship for life.

Thank You Mom!

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