• Greg Kettner

Is laughter the best medicine?

Laughter is good for us, and can be a good medicine too, unless you have diarrhea. True story!

I had the nastiness of flue the past two days.

I would wake up, get food, swallow some Tylenol Cold, take a hot shower and back to bed. After 40 straight hours I was so tired of sleeping and blowing my nose, I got up, determined to fight my old with laughter. I found an old The Far Side book out in the garage and started re-reading the cartoons of my youth.

There were so many laughs and good memories from high school and college. It was great to remember events, people or places while looking at these great cartoons. By the end, I was feeling better for sure, although my nose was still running.

Was it the laughter, the drugs, the sleep or the water? Who knows, but when we do laugh, it lowers our stress, makes us feel better about ourselves spreads the love with all those we come in contact with.

So go out to the garage or your Google machine and get your The Far Side cartoons on. Laughter will make your day better.

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